May 2023 Newsletter

In the Bible in Hebrews 13:3 (NKJV) we read: “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them-those who are mistreated-since you yourselves are in the body also.” How I praise my Lord for sending this soul winner into the prison with the life changing message of the gospel in my hand, in my heart, and on my lips! I truly can feel the prayers that you are praying each Thursday morning and I can definitely seethem being answered by the response of the prisoners (James 5:16)! Thank you with every fiber of my being!  In only three visits this past month, four men have been Born Again, and sixteen men have made recommitments. Filling out a decision card is as voluntary as attending the church service there!

In one meeting, two men spoke up and said they know other men who wanted to come to the service, but they were “locked-in” their cell!  I called the jailers, and they went and brought them! On this particular day, I have never seen the men make public prayer requests so freely! Nearly every man in the room came and laid their hands on the men with prayer requests as they prayed openly for them! Several of these men were in tears as they requested prayer for their families as well as their addictions! One man stood up and asked to sing a song and it was Biblical as he sang with tears of joy streaming down his face! On another day, as the men were leaving, a dear man looked over his shoulder at me and said: “Thank you for teaching us how to pray.”  Another dear man with the joy of the Lord on his face asked me: “Will you baptize me?” This is the place for a man with a broken heart for a broken world to be serving his Lord!

I recently attended a funeral, and many people came to me to tell me that they watch the television broadcast! The Holy Spirit said to me: “Son, more people are watching the TV broadcast than you realize! They are being saved!  Keep delivering what I tell you to deliver.” Lauren Collins, the young lady who films and produces the broadcast, has informed me that the new TV spots are ready for airing! When we started doing the TV spots in 2010, we were the only ministry in America doing them! Lauren has also informed me that she is now airing the broadcast on Friday night on the RE Network at 7pm.  A mass evangelist needs to be in front of the masses of spiritually lost people every week with the Word of God coming from his lips! Only our Lord knows just how many people are being Born Again every week!  He is the only One who keeps the records (Rev. 20:15)!

Pastor Greg Salyer of Southwestern Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN hosted this soul winner for the first two services of a revival where a different preacher preached each night.  A precious young couple came to the altar weeping at the close of the Sunday morning message: “Three Things in Hell That Should Be Found in Every Church: Tears, Prayers, and A Concern For The Lost.”  The young wife said: “My heart is broken for people who are dying and going to Hell!” A husband and wife also joined the church! Pastor David Stooksbury gave me permission to use this anointed outline many years ago and the Holy Spirit continues to use it powerfully!   On Wednesday night, Pastor Richard Long preached on spiritually lost members as he shared his heart that he was a spiritually lost pastor for many years!  A lady who was watching the service via the internet messaged Pastor Greg and said: “He is talking about me! I need to be saved tonight!” As soon as the service was over, Pastor Greg and Pastor Richard went to the pastor’s study and led that dear lady to faith in the Lord Jesus over the phone! Praise the Lord! YES, the gospel works on the internet when the Lord’s messengers use it (1 Cor. 9:22)!

Next Sunday morning, I will be so very blessed to proclaim the gospel at Covert Avenue Baptist Church in Evansville, IN where our son-in-law, Graham Avis, is the new pastor! He told me that he knows that I am to be there, and I told him that he better be sure, that he does not need to be fired so early in his pastoral ministry!  On Friday and Saturday night, May 12-13 I will be in a two-night youth revival at Locust Springs Resort in Greene County, TN sponsored by Concord Baptist Church where Larry Jones is the pastor. This is the second year in a row that they have hosted this youth event.  Pastor Larry and his laity have a great vision for their young people to grow into dynamic Christian men and women (Proverbs 22:6)!  On Sunday morning, May 21, Pastor John David Shanks of Beulah Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN will host this soul winner for their Vacation Bible School Commissioning service.  Please be in passionate prayer for each of these events as well as the many other ways we are winning people to faith in the Lord Jesus!

On Monday night, April 24, I rejoiced with the Heavenly Hosts as we celebrated my 31st year in the field of evangelism!  Thousands have been Born Again through this work of soul winning and I give to my Lord all of the glory, honor, and praise! I cannot say thank you enough for the very few precious people who stand with me in prayer and financial support, but I can say that one sweet day in Heaven thousands will thank you!  I can promise you that one for sure!  I love and appreciate you more than you will ever know!


For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Matthew 24:1-14

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