January 2023 Newsletter

How thankful that I am for this beautiful New Year!  I firmly believe that our Lord is going to give His children countless opportunities to win people to Him during this year of 2023!  As this nation and world continue to move farther and farther away from the Lord, He has promised us that He is still in the life changing business! “Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more, so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 5:20 NKJV).

This past month was the most productive December that I have ever experienced in over 30 years!  All of the glory, honor, and praise goes to our great God! With all of my heart, thank you for praying as you are doing!  I truly can feel and see your prayers being heard and answered!

Pastor Scott Ingram of Omega Baptist Church in White Pine, TN hosted us on Sunday morning Dec. 4th. He was away on vacation and former pastor Bernie Cagle stood with me during the public invitation time. The message title was The Spiritual State of These United States. The people were very attentive as they hung on my every word! The powerful presence of the Holy Spirit was everywhere! I had invited a man who I have known for over ten years, and he was there!  As soon as the public invitation began, he came out of that pew like he had been shot with a cannon! He stated: “The Holy Spirit has been dealing with me over the ‘fear of the Lord!’ I have been way too busy with working and raising my children.  I am recommitting my life to my Lord.”  Another man came forward to rededicate his life.  He just walked in right off the street as the service had begun!

On Friday, Dec. 9th, Pastor John Rogers along with teachers Mrs. Roth, Mrs. Rines, and Coach Noe hosted me at the First Priority Bible Club of Westview Middle School in Morristown, TN.  Between 40-45 young people from grades 6,7, and 8 were in attendance.  I used the More Life tract to share the gospel and I had the students to participate in the presentation of the gospel!  It is very powerfully used by the Holy Spirit in this context!  Fourteen young people indicated on their decision card that they had prayed to be Born Again!  We gave them the New Believer’s New Testament and one of them a brand-new Bible!  A precious young lady came to see me as the students were leaving and she had the glow and radiance of the Lord Jesus on her face because she had been touched by Jesus!  She told me that she had prayed to be Born Again. She was radared in on me the entire time as I presented the gospel!  Less than 15 minutes later, as Pastor John and I were leaving, we saw her outside and she came to speak to me, and she was still glowing! I could tell that she wanted to speak her heart, but she just could not! I told her about the need for baptism and she told me where her family attends church and I told her to tell her parents and pastor about her decision.

On Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, I was blessed to deliver the gospel at Lakeshore Road Baptist Church in Talbott, TN!  They are without a pastor. The Christmas Day message was Simeon: He Was Looking for Jesus.  The New Year’s Day message was: The Spiritual State of These United States. My Lord has made it very clear to me that He wants this message delivered everywhere that He sends me! I received a text message from one of the laymen later that afternoon and he has given me permission to quote him! “A very powerful message today, wish our whole nation could have heard that message.”

The facility where men are incarcerated continues to experience the awesome power of God every time that I am there! I know that we had at least 2 men who were Born Again and 34 who rededicated their lives to their Lord! I have not the space to tell all of the heart touching stories, but here are a few of them! As the service was closing, I had not yet given the public invitation. One man was on the edge of his seat and asked: “Can I recommit my life before I leave?”  A very young man raised his hand to speak at the close of the service.  He said: “I prayed last night for God to speak to me in here today and He has! He told me that I am in here because it is the only way for Him to get my attention.”  He began to choke back tears as he said: “I haven’t been living right! I have recommitted my life today!”  As the service was closing, one young man, with tears streaming down his face, said: “I prayed for God to get me what I needed in here today. I got what I needed!”  At the close of the service last week, which was the largest group in over a year, one of the older men opened his Bible and began reading Psalm 51, David’s prayer of repentance after committing adultery and murder and then trying to hide it. He had to stop reading several times because he was so choked-up! After he finished reading Psalm 51, a very young man asked for permission to speak. He stated: “I just prayed today for the first time in 9 years!” He rededicated his life to his Lord!

The power of God continues to reach spiritually lost people through the television broadcast! In the middle of December, my Lord spoke to my heart: “Over 500 people have been Born Again in the first half of December.”   Everywhere that I go, people stop me to let me know that they are watching the broadcast! I attended a receiving of friends for a dear lady in the African American community.  Two older men whom I have known for many years came to me with great joy  that we are doing a television broadcast and they watch regularly!

Thank you for your great love for this work of soul winning!  Your prayers and gifts are vital!  I do not know how long that I have to live, but I do want to reach all of the spiritually lost people that I can reach while I still have my health!  I love you!


For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Psalm 54:4-7

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