November 2022 Newsletter

We cannot praise our dear Lord enough for the breathtakingly beautiful fall that we are experiencing this year! In Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV) Solomon states: “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”  Our great God does all things well!

It is always harvest time when you are a passionate soul winner! My time this month at the place where men are incarcerated has been filled with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit! Of the men who choose to fill out a decision card, 9 have stated that they have been Born Again while 33 have recommitted their lives to their Lord!  I have witnessed a very deep move of the Holy Spirit which is a direct result of my Lord’s people praying! So, thank you for praying every Thursday morning at 11am for the awesome power of the living God to move! He is doing just that, and we give to Him all of the glory, honor, and praise (Jeremiah 33:3)! I would rather be in a place so dark spiritually that the light of Christ pierces the bondage of darkness than in the largest and most affluent and prestigious church in America (Matthew 5:13-16)!

As the men enter the room that they call the “church room,” I greet them with a handshake and a hug, and I tell them that I love them! I wish that you could see the power of God get hold of them! One young man literally laid down in the floor and wept during the invitation time!  He told the group that he was touched by the great love that I show them each week! He said: “This is a cold place. It is hard to live for the Lord in here. To come through that door and to hear you say that you love us just melts our hard hearts and gives us joy!”  Another man said: “God moved on me in here today.”  Another man came to me as the men were leaving and said: “Brother Jeff, I believe that God is calling me.”

Last week a man began to publicly testify about his bondage to drugs. He was crying as he told how his sin has affected his family. He said that he is tired of living in sin! Another man began to weep as he said: “I am a backslidden preacher! My sin has put me in here.”  The men gathered around him and laid their hands on him, and they prayed for him as he repented! He immediately got up and began to boldly preach! (I have never seen this anywhere in my life!) When he stopped preaching, he was shocked for he could not believe that he was preaching as he once did! He stated: “I haven’t felt the Holy Spirit like this in a long time!” Another young man said: “I was a Christian for many years, and I have gotten away from the Lord. I want to rededicate my life today!” He literally jumped out of his seat and came forward and laid down in the floor weeping! The men gathered around him and laid their hands on his shoulders and prayed for him as I led him in a prayer of recommitment. I wish that you could have seen the look on his face! Other men were testifying in tears and in brokenness. I did not even get to proclaim the message because the real preacher showed up!

What a great privilege to share the glorious gospel message at the First Priority Bible Club at McDonald Elementary School in Greene County last Wednesday! I had the privilege to stand beside teacher, Miss Joanie, and Shea Long, the club catalyst! Over 35 boys and girls from the 4th and 5th grades listened intently and participated as I used the tract titled More Life.  I was greatly encouraged that many of the students knew the gospel message!  I could feel the Lord’s people praying! 22 students indicated on their decision card that they had prayed to be Born Again!  I distributed new Bibles and New Believer’s New Testaments to every student who wanted one! 

What joy to serve alongside soul winning pastors like Pastor John Rogers of Beulah Baptist Church in Mohawk, TN for over 30 years! Only our Lord knows the untold thousands who have come to faith in the Lord Jesus through our partnership! These faithful men are being blessed greatly during the pandemic!  Pastor John had me to proclaim the gospel at Beulah Baptist Church this past month with the messages: The Passion of The Early Church and Courage or Fear. A husband and wife recommitted their lives and surrendered to their Lord’s call on their lives! A dear lady came to me after the service to tell me that she is asking her Lord what He would have her to do with her life! A key leader in the church stated: “The Sunday morning message was right in line with the Sunday School lesson! Both messages were so inspiring to me and have convicted me of needing to do more for the Lord. I have been so blessed today to have heard both of your messages.”

I never say anything about my family, but the time has come for me to do so! Our son-in-law, Graham Avis, has been elected as pastor of Covert Ave. Baptist Church in Evansville, IN! Yes, Kim and I have raised a pastor’s wife, Katy! We were so very blessed to get to be there on that Sunday morning! The old black preacher said: “You best be careful what you ask the Lord for.  He just might give it to you!”  I have prayed and I continue to pray for untold billions of spiritually lost people to be swept into our Lord’s everlasting kingdom through my life and my descendants! My Lord is hearing His faithful servant and He is answering His servant! Praise His Holy name!

Thank you for standing with this soul winner as I do all that I can while I can to win as many spiritually lost people to faith in the Lord Jesus as my Lord will allow in these evil Last Days in which we are now living! I love you!

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

1 Cor. 9:22

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