May 2022 Newsletter

I just celebrated my 30th anniversary in the field of evangelism on April 24th.  The longer I live, and the longer I serve my Lord, the more I see that the Bible is true.  I’m reminded of the story of a little boy who had 5 loaves and 2 fish.  Jesus took those 5 loaves and 2 fish and fed over 5,000 people (Matt. 14:13-21).  Yes, He did it then, and He still does it today!  Praise His Holy Name!

The power of God continues to move when I share the gospel in the penal facility!  The power of the Holy Spirit can soften a hard heart!  Several weeks ago, I could see a young man who had tears in his eyes the entire service.  He shared his heart publicly.  He came to me after the service to tell me that he had been born again!  Two men were with him, and they promised me that they would disciple him.  I gave them the New Believers New Testament.  As I shared the gospel there today, I’ve never seen a group of men in this facility so hungry for prayer, worship, and the Word of God!  Three of the men indicated on their decision cards that they had prayed to be born again today!  I could see brokenness on their faces, and I could feel brokenness in their voice tone and in their words.  I haven’t seen brokenness here like that before.  Young men as well as older men publicly stated that their bad choices had harmed their families, and that they want to be a better dad and a better husband when they get to go back home.  Many of these men come to me after the service with tears streaming down their faces to hug me and to thank me for coming.  This is the type of setting that a soul-winner needs to be in!  I can feel your prayers every week when I’m in there locked up with those men!  Thank you!

Brother William Triplett, the chairman of the search committee at First Baptist Church in Sylvania, GA had me to proclaim the gospel there.  Their pastor, Charles Cooper, had just retired.  My Lord had me to deliver the message: The Call of the Pastor from I Peter 5:1-4.  The powerful presence of the Holy Spirit was evident!  The altar filled with people praying for their God to send them His pastor.  One lady said to me, “Thank you for that great message.  Preachers don’t preach like that anymore!”  Pastor Charles had me to proclaim the gospel here in a revival setting in 2018.  A lady came to me with tears streaming down her face as she told me that the message, The Sin Unto Death, was used by her Lord to get her attention in the revival in 2018!  The gospel still works when we work!  A note of extreme importance!  William Triplett’s father, Pastor Carl Triplett, was my pastor from 1962-1979 at Calvary Baptist Church in Morristown, TN.  Pastor Triplett’s life and ministry gave me the spiritual foundation to do the work of the New Testament evangelist.  For 60 years, the Pastor Carl and Mrs. Irene Triplett family has impacted my life for Christ!  Just read Psalm 112!

Pastor Don Bible of Bibles Chapel Baptist Church in Midway, TN had me proclaim the gospel there on Easter Sunday morning.  It is rare for most pastors to relinquish their pulpit on Easter or on Christmas.  Pastor Don said that his Lord told him to put a soul-winner in the pulpit!  My Lord had me to deliver the message Break a Vase.  This is the story of Mary pouring very expensive perfume over the head of the Lord Jesus 48 hours before He was crucified on the cross at Calvary for the sins of the world.  I gave a clear presentation of the gospel as I challenged people to go to those who have broken a vase for Jesus in their life and thank them.  They did!  Normally, this church is very “stoic” in their worship.  The powerful Holy Spirit moved on them, and they moved!  

My Lord continues to send people across His servant’s path to affirm His pleasure with the television broadcast.  I recently attended an athletic event in Knoxville.  A man told me that his family watches A Date with Destiny regularly on YouTube.  I walked into a store in Morristown, and a man called out to me as I walked down an aisle: “Hey, I see you on TV all the time!”  I did not know him.  We talked for close to thirty minutes.  I recently visited a local funeral home, and a man who was in line in front of me said: “I watch you on TV all the time.  Thank you for taking a stand.”  I saw a lady who went to high school with me and her brother in a local restaurant.  She told me that she watches the broadcast every Sunday, and that she reads everything that I write.  Last Sunday, I saw a man in another city who told me that He watches the broadcast every Sunday.  Yes, your prayers are being answered.  The Holy Spirit is drawing people to hear a clear presentation of the gospel.  Only God knows how many spiritually lost people are repenting of their sins, making Jesus their Lord and Savior by faith!

On Saturday morning, April 30th, I will do a soul-winning clinic at Calvary Baptist Church in Pulaski, TN where Dan Van Wormer is the pastor.  Several churches will be in attendance along with his church.  On Saturday afternoon we will be going out in teams to share the gospel door-to-door in this community.  Please pray the power of God to lead us to those who are ready to be saved!  Then on Sunday morning, the revival services will begin.  Pastor Dan is under strong conviction from his Lord to equip the people that he shepherds to win people to faith in the Lord Jesus!  He has been praying and planning for this meeting since January.  I can feel the powerful prayers of the servants there!

On Friday and Saturday night, May 13th and 14th, Pastor Larry Jones of Concord Baptist Church in Mohawk, TN will give me the awesome privilege to assist him at a youth retreat at the Locust Springs Center in Baileyton, TN.  Mrs. Karen Douthat, their youth leader, has been greatly burdened by the Holy Spirit to equip their young people to live for Christ effectively in this culture today.  Youth groups from other churches will also be in attendance.  Please join us in praying that the power of God will literally set these young people on fire for Christ!

As you can see, the great power of Almighty God is at work in the harvest fields.  I cannot thank you enough for praying for this soul-winner, and for standing with me financially!  How much longer do we have before Jesus comes back?  Only God knows!  As we anxiously await His imminent return, I desperately and passionately long to be exactly where He can use me the greatest!  I don’t want to see anybody die without Jesus in their heart!  I love you!

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Acts 2:41-42

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