April 2022 Newsletter

On Friday night, March 4, the television broadcast A Date with Destiny began airing on the Christian Television Network.  One cannot help but praise their great God for an opportunity that has been in the making for a lifetime!  The message title: America: Listen to The Powerful Voice of Almighty God.  My Lord spoke to my heart: “The darkness of a lie can never overshadow the light of the truth.”  I could see the choir from the church where I grew up singing “Victory in Jesus!” 

In John 8:31-32 (ESV) the Lord Jesus states: “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” My Lord has taught me to trust His Holy Word when the attacks bombard you from all sides!  The enemy, who is the devil, has and continues to do all that he can to destroy this soul winner!  The TRUTH always prevails because the Lord Jesus never fails!  Praise His Holy name!

A dear lady came to me at a restaurant and said: “Brother Jeff, I watch you every Sunday morning.  We had better get everybody in the kingdom while we still have the time.”  A volunteer at the penal facility came to me and said: “Brother, did I see you proclaiming the Word on TV?” I replied: “Yes, brother, you did.”  He asked: “Can I come and sit in here?”  Yes, the gospel is making great inroads as my Lord directs His servant to go forward!

I continue to be blessed as I witness our great God bless the obedience of His children (1 Samuel 15:22)!  Mr. Otis Cantwell and his brothers, J.D, and Glenn, had me to assist Pastor Scott Greene in their mom’s memorial.  Pastor Scott told me that the powerful Holy Spirit began to move on him to bring me to the church that he pastors, Helton Springs Baptist Church in Rutledge, TN.  He was obedient and I proclaimed the glorious gospel there on Sunday morning, March 20. What great joy to hear the servants there sing from the depths of their hearts!  My Lord had me to speak on the subject, The Sin Unto Death.  No one came forward during the public invitation!  I knew that the Holy Spirit was working mightily!  Late Sunday afternoon, Pastor Scott called me to tell me that a precious 12-year-old girl was on her way home from church with her grandmother.  She told her grandmother that she was lost and needed to be saved!  As soon as they arrived home, her uncle called Pastor Scott and he led her to faith in the Lord Jesus over the phone!  She came back to church on Sunday night and made her profession of faith public.  The Word of God still works (Isaiah 55:11)!

Oh, how our Lord honors obedience in the lives of His children! I went to the penal facility where I share the gospel every Thursday and the “man at the top” said: “I heard about the 12-year-old girl getting saved at Helton Springs Baptist Church on Sunday.”  I asked: “Are you a member there?”  He responded: “No, but I know a law enforcement officer who attends there, and he is the uncle of the girl who was saved.”  Isn’t it great that good gossip spreads like wildfire when the glorious Good News is shared under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and a precious 12-year-old girl gave her heart to Jesus?  Good gossip can occur every time somebody gives their heart to JESUS (Luke 15:7,10)!

The man at the top of the penal facility thanked me for coming there!  He told me that the men who are incarcerated sent him letters when they had to shut down because of COVID asking him to please reopen and allow the servants of the Lord to return because they want to be fed from the Word of God!”  The men receive me well each week and each week men are giving their hearts to the Lord Jesus!  Last week two young men came to me in tears after hearing the message: Would You Enjoy Living In Hell?  They definitely had heard from their Lord!  Today a young man came to me after the message: Will You Be Living In Heaven Forever?  He gave his heart to Jesus!

If this servant lives until April 24, I will have been serving my Lord as a New Testament evangelist for 30 years!  The great hymn of the faith states: “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go.”  And this is what I have done and only by the great grace of my Lord will I be able to continue to do so!  I will be privileged to speak for my Lord this coming Sunday morning at First Baptist Church in Sylvania, Georgia.  I will distribute a beautiful new Bible to the senior football players at Morristown West High School in Morristown, TN on Monday, April 4.  On Saturday, April 30, I will do a soul winning clinic at Calvary Baptist Church in Pulaski, TN where Dan Van Wormer is the pastor. Then, a revival will begin on Sunday morning, May 1.  Please pray that the overwhelming power of the Holy Spirit will be poured out on these meetings!  Oh, how this nation needs to hear from Almighty God!  

Please know how so very thankful that I am for your prayers and financial support!  They are the life blood of an anointed and passionate soul winner!  I love you!


For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Proverbs 11:30

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