Samson and His Sin

Text: Judges 13:1-5

The living God will never ever forget His children, even when they sin (Hebrews 13:5-6)! He always has and He always will raise up a leader to lead them from spiritual and physical bondage. Manoah’s wife could not conceive a child. Her God, who has always specialized in the impossible, told her through His angel that she would conceive a son. This son would be special. He would begin the deliverance of God’s children out of the hand of the Philistines as a judge. The Hebrew word, sopet, (“judge, deliverer”) has a wider connotation than the English word “judge.” It was a general term for leadership combining the executive (including military) and judicial functions included as appropriate. Manoah’s wife gave birth to a son, and she named him Samson (a name related to the word for “sun”). Samson was to be a Nazarite (meaning devoted or consecrated) of God all of his life. He was not to drink alcohol, cut his hair, or come in contact with dead bodies. The living God of heaven and earth predestined Samson for greatness, but he had a sex drive as strong as his physical strength and he could not control it. He did not even try! We can clearly see the consequences of sin through Samson’s life. (1) Sin Finds You, (2) Sin Binds You, (3) Sin Blinds You, and (4) Sing Grinds You.

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