The Love of Christ (Part 3)

(2) The Love of Christ Comes from a Transformed Heart

The word transformed means “to change in character or condition. Convert.” Only the love of Jesus can transform the sinful and wicked human heart. In Acts 16:25-34 we read the story of the Philippian jailer who was housing God’s great servants, Paul and Silas. They had just been beaten severely. These bold servants were so full of the love of the Lord Jesus that they were praying and singing hymns at the midnight hour. Talk about Jail House Rock: They had it! I believe that Almighty God was “moved” by their praises in jail. He sent an earthquake that was so powerful that it literally “rocked” the foundations of the prison, opened all of the doors, and loosened everyone’s chains. The jailer thought that all of the prisoners had escaped, and he drew his sword and was ready to take his own life. Paul told him not to do it. He knew that Paul and Silas were God’s men, and he fell down trembling and said: “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” (Acts 16:30 NKJV). They responded: “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household” (Acts 16:31 NKJV). The jailer’s family gave their hearts to Jesus. He then cleaned the wounds of Paul and Silas and fed them. They baptized his family. He rejoiced! Before Paul and Silas entered his jail, his heart was unregenerate, meaning unchanged, spiritually lost and empty. As they left his jail, his heart had been transformed by the love of Christ. Has the love of Christ transformed your heart? I was blessed to lead a 62-year-old man to faith in the Lord Jesus. He said: “I can’t believe that I waited 62 years to do this. My heart is warm every day. I used to see the world for what I could get from it. Now I see the world for what I can give to it.” The Love of Christ Comes from a Transformed Heart.

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