September 2021 Newsletter

As we view the landscape of this world, we can clearly see that the whole world is groaning for the Lord Jesus to return (Matthew 24:1-14)!  Over 8 billion people are spiritually lost and on their way to a Christless eternity in Hell!  I do not want to see anybody die without Jesus in their heart!

Last Sunday I was blessed to have the opportunity to proclaim the gospel at Heath’s Chapel in Grainger County, TN where many of mom’s people are buried.  They are the Riches, the Tates, and the Beets.  My cousin, Pastor Rick Buell, asked me to speak for my Lord and the message was Why Would Anyone Not Want To Live Forever In The Place Called Heaven?  No one was born again, but those in attendance were touched by the power of God!  One of my cousins came forward during the public invitation and hugged me with tears streaming down her face as she thanked me for the message.   Another cousin said: “I have not heard a message from Revelation in a long time.  I felt like I was in a revival service.” 

By the great grace of our Lord, the gospel has made great inroads in the penal facility where my Lord has opened a very big door for His servant to speak for Him!  On Monday afternoon, August 16, I witnessed something that I have not seen thus far there!  The men came into the room that they call the church happy and rejoicing!  They were crying tears of rejoicing as they told of restored family relationships!  They sang the song It Is Well With My Soul with every fiber of their being!  In fact, they sang more beautifully than any group of men since I have been coming here last fall!  I gave each one of them the flyer titled: Where Will You Live In Eternity: Heaven or Hell?  I asked for volunteers to read each section of the flyer publicly.  I made it very clear to them as to what awaits them in Heaven and Hell!  They hung on my every word.  I led them to pray privately as the Holy Spirit was leading them to pray.  One young man literally threw himself on the floor as he prayed the sinner’s prayer with me!  He got up from there and said to me with tears streaming down his face: “Brother Jeff, I just got saved.”  Glory!  Seven other young men recommitted their lives to their Lord!  Four men came to me after the service requesting the New Believer’s New Testament.  The recent surge in Covid has forced the leaders of this facility to place it on lockdown, but I know that my Lord has transformed many lives here! I can always feel your prayers when I share the glorious gospel here!

Pastor John David Shanks hosted this soul winner on Sunday, August 8.  My Lord had me to deliver the messages The Sin Unto Death on Sunday morning and The Deed Of Jealousy on Sunday night.  You could feel the power of the Holy Spirit moving through the facility!  One man came forward on Sunday morning.  Another man came to me and said: “If for no one else, that message was for me!”

On Sunday night, the man who opened the service was interrupted by another man who stood up and said as he choked back tears: “We need to pray right now!  One of our teachers is counseling with two young people and the spiritual warfare is very intense!”  I sensed in my heart that this teacher was counseling with young people in regard to the main topic of the message that I was about to deliver, sexual perversion, homosexuality.  Our great God makes no mistakes!  One of these young people recommitted their life to their Lord during the public invitation!  After the message, the chairman of deacons spoke to the church publicly: “We need to thank Brother Jeff and Pastor John David for being unafraid to preach the Word of God!”  He then had the church to applaud as he said: “Both messages today have touched my heart!”  In over 29 years of serving my Lord in the field of evangelism, this has never happened!  Then, a dear lady spoke with conviction in her voice: “I know that the message that Preacher Harvel preached this morning is true.  I have a family member who was saved early in life.  He got away from the Lord as he abused drugs.  He refused to get right with his Lord.  He died young.”

The gospel is still the “power of God unto salvation” (Romans 1:16).  I will be blessed to unite Dana Stoffle and Tim Taylor in holy matrimony this month.  They were gloriously saved when I delivered Dana’s father’s eulogy in March!  Yes, our great God still saves lost people in funerals!  On Saturday, Sept. 25, and Sunday, Sept. 26, I will be blessed to proclaim the gospel at Zion Hill Baptist Church in Sevierville, TN where Justin Randolph is the pastor.

I really ask for your continued prayer and financial support.  My Lord is speaking to His servant’s heart, and I am doing as He leads me to do!  I love you!

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

1 Cor. 16:9

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