August 2021 Newsletter

In Matthew 25:40 the Lord Jesus states: “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’” Jesus is always concerned about those who are less fortunate in life.  He opened a “very big door” for me to share the gospel in a place of incarceration last fall!  His mighty power continues to go before me, with me, and after me there!  The living God states in Hebrews 13:3 “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”


At the beginning of each service, I look these dear men in the eye, and I tell them that I love them enough to die for them!  Do you think that anyone ever tells them that they even love them? The power of the Holy Spirit is moving so strongly there that I can see men begin to cry as soon as they walk into the room!  They begin to cry as the service begins and they do not stop! They stand publicly and talk about their mistakes which got them there!  They come to me after the service and hug me and thank me as they weep on my shoulder!  They return with a Bible in their hand that I gave them the previous month!


This past month my Lord had His servant to talk to them about The Sin Unto Death, the final sin of the Christian in 1 John 5:16-17.  The first week the men never took their eyes off me!  Most of them, as well as most Christians, have never heard a message like this one!  A man who was seated directly in front of me cried the entire time!  After the message the second week, a young man spoke publicly as he choked back tears: “I heard what the Lord said to me today.  My seven-month-old son is dead because of my sin.”  Another young man spoke immediately as he was crying: “He spoke to me, too.”  The third week began with 27 men coming into the room that they call “the church room.”  Many had to be seated on tables that lined the walls because there were not enough seats!  Before the message, I asked for the men to give a testimony for their Lord.  A Cuban man stood and began to preach to the men in their language!  I was taken aback as he never said anything that was diametrically opposed to the Word of God!  He literally “poured his heart out” as he preached about a life filled with crime and drugs!  He spoke passionately of “gang life.”  When he finished, another young man came forward in brokenness and tears as he told the men that he had been called to preach at a young age.  He chose drugs instead of Jesus!  He stated that his mother told him that his life would only continue to get worse as he runs from the call of God!  It was one of the greatest moves of God in a secular setting that I have ever seen!  I had very little time to deliver the message, but our great God had already preached through them!  I merely delivered the high points of the message The Sin Unto Death because it went right along with their public testimonies!  Men lined up to hug me and to thank me when the service had ended!  We were in there for over two hours! In this one service, three men were born again, and nineteen men recommitted their lives to their Lord!   This past Monday one young man wrote on his decision card: “Pray that God restores my life.  I’m a child of His and I asked forgiveness.  I was this guy and I thank you for the message.  I need it.”   

Pastor Charles Brewer of Lebanon Baptist Church in Talbott, TN informed me that he has led the church to share the gospel door to door with 700 homes in their area of influence!  They distributed the Born Again flyers!  He had me to do a soul winning clinic there two years ago and they are now on a mission with their Lord as they prayer walk in three public schools each morning! 


Pastor Don Bible of Bibles Chapel Baptist Church in Midway, TN believes in soul winning!  What great joy to be able to assist a faithful soul winning pastor!  On Sunday morning, July 11, he had me to proclaim the gospel there on the last day of Vacation Bible School.  My Lord had His servant to deliver the message on The Faith Of A Child, the importance of leading children to faith in the Lord Jesus while they are young.  The people literally “hung on every word from the Word”!  No one came forward during the public invitation, but I knew that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit was in the house!  Later that Sunday afternoon, I received a message from the young lady who works in the sound room at Bibles Chapel Baptist Church.  She happily told me that her 7-year-old nephew had just called her and that he had asked Jesus into his heart that morning!  Oh, my!  My heart rejoiced!  Praise the Lord (Luke 15:7,10)!


I continue to praise our great God for all that He is allowing His servant to do in building His everlasting kingdom!  The television broadcast continues to make a powerful impact on this spiritually lost world! I appreciate Lauren Collins and all the hard work that she does in filming and editing the broadcast. I am also thankful for Lakeshore Road Baptist Church in Talbott, TN for the use of their beautiful facility.  Our great God can and does so very much when we give to Him the very best that we can give! A camera for a quality television broadcast normally costs $30,000.  Lauren is producing a quality broadcast using a camera that we purchased for $600!  Our great God fed over 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish so He can get His Holy Word to the masses of spiritually lost humanity with a $600 camera (Mark 6:38-44)! We have filmed 75 messages over the past 15 months!  Praise His Holy name!


My Lord has also allowed His servant to proclaim the gospel at our home church, Zion Grove Baptist Church in Sevierville.  I am teaching each Wednesday night and the people are responding!  Last Wednesday night, a church from the great state of Mississippi came to the service.  I asked their pastor if he would like to say a word and he preached from The Word!  It was a powerfully Spirit-filled service and a precious 16-year-old young lady from their church rededicated her life to her Lord!  It set the place on fire!  People were rejoicing and praising their Lord! When servants do as their Lord instructs them to do, He moves with mighty power in only the way that He can move (1 Samuel 15:22)!


Jesus is coming very soon!  My heart’s desire is that I will be doing all that I can while I can to reach this spiritually lost world for Him!  I do not want to stand before my Lord and hear Him tell me that He is ashamed of me (Matthew 25:37-46)!  Please pray for me this coming Sunday morningand Sunday night.  I will be at Beulah Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN where John David Shanks is the pastor. Thank you for standing with this servant of the Lord Jesus!  I love you!


For Souls Forever In Heaven,


Jeffrey L. Harvel

Acts 1:8

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