December 2020 Newsletter

The living God of Heaven and earth sent Gabriel, the angel, to tell Mary that she would give birth to JESUS.  She could not understand because she had never been with a man and Gabriel made a statement for all time: “For with God nothing will be impossible” (Luke 1:37 NKJV).  What a statement that has lasted throughout history and will continue to speak into the ceaseless ages of eternity!

One of the greatest Christian ladies, sister Joanne Burchfield, that I have ever known is with her Lord in Heaven!  I met her twenty-two years ago and she has been an outstanding friend and role model for our children, Collin and Katy. Joanne not only prayed for and supported soul winners, but she was a very powerful one herself! She was a powerful witness for her Lord as a public-school teacher.  Spirit-filled is a great attribute of a Godly woman and Joanne epitomized a Proverbs 31 lady!  Oh, how I will miss her!  I pray that we can get her plenty of company in Heaven!

A pastor who I have advised and served alongside for over ten years recently called me to thank me for all of the time and energy that I have invested in his life and ministry! The church that he pastors is witnessing the power of Almighty God!  People are sharing their faith!  The youth are going to the streets of Gatlinburg this weekend to witness!  Now, that is the kind of youth event that young people need to take regularly!

What a blessing it has been to proclaim the gospel several times this past month at French Broad Valley Baptist Church in Kodak, TN.  They do not have a pastor, but they are moving forward in great faith!  The youth pastor, Dustin, has even taken the church van back on the route to bring boys and girls to JESUS!  Kim, my wife, has even been blessed to have the opportunity to sing for her Lord.

This past October my Lord opened a great door for His servant to speak for Him in a penal facility in another town.  The awesome power of Almighty God has gone before me, with me, and after me!  The men here are responding to the gospel message in a marvelous way!  Your gifts provide new Bibles, New Believers New Testaments, and Christian Life New Testaments.  I have even been leading them in singing the great hymns of the faith!  I wish that you could see the way that they are responding!  They come to me in tears of joy as they thank me and even give me a big hug!  We have designed a decision card so that they can share with me their prayer requests.  Many of them are broken for their spiritually lost family and friends!

I can tell that many of these men have been exposed to the Word of God.  One young man stated: “My family told me that I was saved as a child, but I cannot remember it.  Do I have to remember the date?”   I responded: “No. Did you pray today and repent of your sins and ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior by faith?” He said: “Yes!” I asked him: “Do you know that you will go to Heaven if you die tonight?”  He responded: “Yes!”  He was crying tears of joy and his buddy who was seated beside him began to cry tears of joy as he stood up and gave him a big hug along with a “high five”!   Then his buddy proceeded to give all of the men in his row high fives!

Another young man spoke publicly after the message on Samson.  “Thank you for telling me the truth about Samson.  I thought that he was just a cartoon.”  A young Christian guard told me that he can see that life change is taking place in the lives of many of these men.  He thanked me for “edifying them.”  I can see the hardened look on their face when they enter the room and before they leave.  I can see the love of the Lord Jesus on their face!  Twenty-three men have been born again while one hundred and twelve have rededicated their lives to their Lord!  We are also distributing the bookmark titled Christ Is Christmas which gives the plan of salvation.

The dear servant of the Lord Jesus who has gotten me into this facility has just informed me that the facility will be closed to any visitors due to COVID.  Please pray that our great God will intervene so that I can continue to speak for my Lord into the hearts of these men who so desperately want to heart the truth from the Word of God!

By the great grace of my Lord, I have reached more people for Him this past year than at any time in my life!  Only Almighty God could do this at a time like this!  I give all of the glory, honor, and praise to Him for He is truly worthy!  Thank you for standing with this soul winner!  I love you!  Merry Christmas!

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Matthew 1:21

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