October 2020 Newsletter

The best time to share the glorious Good News is any time that you have an opportunity to do so (2 Timothy 4:1-5)!  My Lord recently opened a very large door for His servant to share the greatest story ever told in a facility where men and women are held for their breaking of the laws of this nation!  The man who the Lord used to get His servant in this door loves the Lord Jesus with all that is within Him! I knew that it was a divine appointment!  I had prayed, as I always pray, for the power of the Holy Spirit to go before me, with me, and after me.  I was so very blessed to be able to share the gospel with two different groups of men.  As soon as the first group entered the room, I saw several of the men crying!  My Lord had already prepared their hearts!  I could see tears rolling down their faces as I spoke for my Lord. I have never spoken to a more attentive group of people in my life!  Not one man in the two groups ever even looked away with no interest at all!  My Lord had His servant to share the message Let the Past be Passed from Philippians 3:13-14.  I saw one young man who was literally weeping the entire message!  Deep conviction was touching each man’s heart!  They were very hungry to hear the Word of the Lord!  I was allowed to give an invitation.  Five men were gloriously born again, and twenty-three men rededicated their lives to their Lord!  Each man received a How to be Born Again flyer. Each man who was saved was given a New Believer’s New Testament.  They were given an opportunity to share their heart publicly and the young man who literally wept the entire message said: “Do you men see on the news what is going on in this country? Jesus could come back any day now!  You better get ready!”  They were also given the opportunity to come and speak with me before they left the room.  Several of these men gave me a great big JESUS hug and thanked me for coming to love them! They also shared their broken heart!  WHEW!  I still cry tears of joy when I think about all that I experienced and saw with my eyes and heart!  GLORY!  This is where a servant such as I need to be every day of the year!  Oh, how I wish that all who pray for me could have been there with me!  The leadership of this facility was so touched by the power of the Lord that they are bringing me back on Friday, October 30!  Please pray that the power of the living God will continue to move in this very spiritually dark place.

The leadership of French Broad Valley Baptist Church in Kodak, TN has given me the awesome opportunity to share the gospel with the church this past month on two different Sundays.  They are without a shepherd and their Lord is truly preparing their hearts for the shepherd that He will bring to them in the future.  They love to hear the Word of the Lord, even if it hits their heart!  HA!  The pandemic has shaken the local church!  HE wants to see who genuinely loves HIM! 

Time is rapidly running out on mankind to repent and live for the Lord! Please continue to pray that our great God will continue to place His servant right where He wants Him to be with the greatest BOOK ever written in his hand!  Thank you for standing with me. I love you!  

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Luke 19:10

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