September 2020 Newsletter

What great and overwhelming joy to experience the real love and joy of the Lord as we witness HIS faithfulness in the midst of evil!  The Apostle Paul told a young Timothy in 2 Timothy 2:11-13 (NKJV), “This is a faithful saying: For if we died with Him, we shall also live with Him. If we endure, we shall also reign with Him. If we deny Him, He also will deny us. If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.”

People stop me in public and are even calling me to tell me that they are watching the television broadcast!  This strengthens me greatly as my Lord is letting His servant know that He is honoring our faithfulness!  My heart longs that every spiritually lost person in the world will hear a very clear and concise presentation of the gospel before they stand before the Lord to give an accounting of the life that they have lived (2 Cor. 5:9-10)!

Several weeks ago, I received a call from a former neighbor who now lives in another city.  She was very broken over the future of a lifelong friend of her husband who was contemplating suicide. I told her that I would be willing to come and speak with him if he would talk to me. She arranged the meeting. As I drove into his driveway, I could see that he was very handsome and physically fit. He had the sweet and innocent smile of a little boy who is spiritually lost.  We sat down in his home and he told me about his life. When he was two years old, his mom left him and his dad to never return.  His dad physically beat him every day for fifteen years.  He has a child out of wedlock and had been living with another woman.  He had already achieved a level of success in sales.  He had reached a point in his thirty-eight years of living where he felt that life was just not worth living any more.  The only time that he had ever attended church was when he was a boy and he went with his best friend on occasion.  He allowed me to share with him the love of the Lord Jesus and he listened very intently.  We prayed and he prayed to repent of his sins and make Jesus his Lord and Savior by faith!  He just cried as the Lord so beautifully lifted his burdens and brokenness.  He immediately stated: “I want everyone that I love to experience what I am experiencing tonight!” The lady who arranged the appointment was literally weeping before her Lord as I have not witnessed in a very long time! This kind of weeping before the Lord is what it will take to bring America back to a God-fearing and God-loving nation (Psalm 126:5-6)!

Pastor Brian Wilson of First Baptist Church in Whitesburg, TN heard from his Lord, and he obeyed his Lord! He had scheduled a series of revival services back in May, but he had to cancel because of the pandemic.  He was determined to move forward, and we experienced a strong move of the Holy Spirit this past month! In the very first service, a dear lady who is a lifelong member of the church rededicated her life to her Lord in tears!  She returned with great joy on Sunday night and sang before the church!  My Lord had His servant to speak strongly about Heaven, Hell, Repentance, Judgment, and Eternal Security.  The faithful servants in attendance listened intently and responded to each message as the Holy Spirit prompted them! Many of them even testified publicly!  After I delivered the message Three Things in Hell That Should Be Found in Every Church: Tears, Prayers, and a Concern for the Lost the altar was full of people praying for spiritually lost family members and friends!  Our great God is not deterred by a virus!  HE is still in business (Jeremiah 33:3)!

What a powerful move of the Holy Spirit we experienced at French Broad Valley Baptist Church in Kodak, TN on Sept. 6!  They are without a pastor and this was their first service in the worship center since the outbreak of the virus in March. My Lord had His servant to talk about The Prodigal Son.  After the service, a retired police officer came to me in tears and told me that he had rededicated his life to his Lord!  Glory! He gave me a great big JESUS hug!  On Sunday night, they had Kim, my wife, to sing, as well as other servants.  It was so refreshing to hear the gospel in song! I addressed the topic Our Adversary, The Devil.  After the service, several people commented that they had not experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in their church like this in over four years!  I will get to return here at the end of October.

Yes, we are truly living in perilous times, but our Lord is still on His throne in Heaven and He is still changing lives! My heart still yearns to tell spiritually lost people everywhere that He loves them and that He wants to forgive their sins and be their Savior and Lord!  With all my heart, thank you for praying and giving to assist me as I do the work of the New Testament evangelist!  I love you!

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Revelation 2:10c

1 thought on “September 2020 Newsletter”

  1. Thank you Bro Jeff, You are one of the few that seems so dedicated to reach the lost whatever the situation is, what time it is or where it is. I thank God for you and your ministry. Praying for you always!!


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