November 2019 Newsletter

The first two letters in the word “gospel” are “go.”  I am so very thankful that the church where I grew up, Calvary Baptist Church, and Pastor Carl Triplett, taught me to “go” with the Word of the Lord in my hand and boldly tell people about Jesus!  Pastor Triplett became my pastor when I was only five years old and fifty-seven years later I am still telling people about Jesus every day of my life!


Pastor Charles Brewer of Lebanon Baptist Church in Talbott, TN called me on my way home from prayer meeting this past Wednesday night.  His church was planning an outreach on Halloween night and he wanted me to assist them.  It is called the Seven C’s of History from the Creation Science Museum.  The Seven C’s are Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation.  It is an excellent presentation of the gospel!  Krista Rines, the children’s church director, and her associates, did an excellent job!  One hundred and ninety people came through their church on Halloween night! I was blessed to be able to present the gospel at the last “C” which is Consummation. Also, each person in attendance received the flyer Where Will You Live in Eternity: Heaven or Hell?  It was a great joy to see an 8-year-old little boy and his 6-year- old little sister give their hearts to Jesus! The Word of the Lord never ever returns void without first accomplishing the purpose for which our great God sends it (Isaiah 55:11)!


Pastor John Rogers introduced me to the Seven C’s of History this past summer! I also used it in VBS at Bible’s Chapel in Midway, TN where Don Bible is the pastor, and children and adults were gloriously saved!  Pastor John had me to share the gospel with the First Priority Bible Club at West View Middle School in Morristown this past month. He is being assisted by youth pastor Andrew Chambers, who is serving at Lebanon Baptist Church in Talbott, TN.  Twenty-eight beautiful young people were in attendance. I could tell that these young people are from all walks of life, a first in the 19 years that I have been assisting Pastor John Rogers here! I used the color beaded bracelets along with the colored Born Again flyer. Children and young people love them! I had them participate with me as I shared the gospel, and they were very responsive! Six students indicated on their decision card that they had prayed with me to be born again! I also told them to tell their lost family, friends, and classmates about Jesus using the colored beaded bracelet. A precious Hispanic girl came to me after everyone left and asked if she could have more of the bracelets and Born Again flyers!  She was going to do some witnessing!  I believe that just about every young person in attendance came to me after the meeting to receive a new Bible and a New Believer’s New Testament!  In fact, I was so busy handing them out that I broke out in a sweat!  Your gifts make all of this possible! I have always given precious people who make decisions follow-up materials and a new Bible if they do not own one.  This is what the work of the Lord is all about! I can promise you that thousands will one day thank you in Heaven!


The Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Charles Brewer of Lebanon Baptist Church in Talbott, TN two years ago to take a team from his church to prayer walk the halls of Westview Middle School every day before the teachers and students arrive  When you walk in the door, you can tell that the devil no longer has this as his territory! Yes, prayer makes a definite powerful difference (James 5:16)!  When I assist Pastor John Rogers in the First Priority Bible Club, I can tell that the gospel has “more freedom” to move freely (2 Cor. 3:17)!   


What a blessing to speak for my Lord on two different dates at the First Baptist Church in Roan Mountain, TN where Geren Street is the pastor!  The first time was Sunday, Oct. 13th.  My Lord had me to speak on The Reality of Hell (Luke 16:19-31).  The altar on the right side of the pulpit was literally filled with precious Spirit-filled ladies praying for their lost family, friends, and co-workers during the public invitation!  This is what it will take for this nation to come back to the Lord! They touched my heart!  For close to an hour after the service, people came to me under the conviction of the Holy Spirit asking me to pray with them for lost family, friends, and co-workers!  It was a very moving time!  Two fine Spirit-filled deacons took me out into the harvest fields in the afternoon. I watched them grow before my very eyes as we went from door to door sharing the Good News of the Gospel.  They became bolder with each visit!  We even met a young man who was saved at their church as a child and is now interested in coming back home! 


I had these fine men share their personal testimony about their time of outreach before I preached the Sunday night message. It was sincere and powerful!  The Sunday night message was The Character Traits of the People of the Last Days (2 Timothy 3:1-9).  I could literally see their deep hunger for the Word of God! They desperately want to hear the TRUTH!  So many people came to speak with me after the service that I was there until 9:30pm! What joy to be able to serve where the people want to hear from their Lord! 


The second time that Pastor Geren Street had me to deliver the gospel at FBC Roan Mountain was on Thursday night, Oct. 24th.  My Lord had me to preach on the subject The Sin Leading To Death  (1 John 5:16-17).  This message addresses the final sin of the Christian before their Lord takes their life because of their willful rebellion and unwillingness to repent of their sins.  Before the service began, Pastor Geren, I, and Pastor Charles Brewer visited the home of Pastor Charles’ mother and stepdad.  They received us well.  After the message, on the last verse of the public invitation hymn, Pastor Charles Brewer came walking down the aisle with his mother’s arm in his arm! They knelt at the altar as she repented of her sins and rededicated her life to her Lord! It was a scene that I will not soon forget!   The gospel still works when we work!


We give to our Lord all of the glory, honor, and praise for His great work in us and through us as His servants!  As you can see, HE is still in business! With all of my heart, thank you for standing with me as I do the great work of the New Testament evangelist.  I pray that when my Lord returns that He will find me winning spiritually lost people to Him!  I love you!


For Souls Forever In Heaven,


Jeffrey L. Harvel

Acts 3:19

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