WSFJ Newsletter June 2019

How thankful that I am for the founders of this great nation!  They wanted to be free from being told how to live and how to worship their God. True freedom comes from being born again! In John 8:32 (NKJV) Jesus states: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” When the Lord Jesus sets you free, you want to be free in all areas of your life!  Men and women have fought and died every year for over 200 years to keep the U.S.A. free, and we praise our great God for their willingness to give their lives for the great cause of freedom!

A dear Christian friend told me several months ago about a family who needs the Lord Jesus to set them free. I have really prayed for them since that time (James 5:16).  Last week my Lord opened the door for me to visit with them in their home.  They had plenty of questions about faith, and faith in America. They were gracious and kind and searching for the TRUTH in their lives! The dear man has struggled for most of his life with the question “Does God really exist?” He has an incurable disease and he does not have very long to live.  His precious wife began to cry and said: “I so want him to become a Christian so that he will go to Heaven.”  I could tell that her heart was crying out to be set free from the bondage of sin and I began to talk to them about salvation.  They listened very intently!  After I finished the plan of salvation I asked her if she had any objections to praying with me to be born again. She said: “I am ready to do this right now!” I asked her husband if he had any objections to praying with his dear wife to become a Christian. He told me very lovingly that he still did not believe that God exists, but he allowed me to lead his dear wife in the sinner’s prayer. It was a beautiful scene as she humbly prayed to ask the Lord to forgive her sins and to become her Lord and Savior by faith!  She answered the follow-up questions with a resounding YES!  She and her husband allowed me to give her the Christian Life New Testament and she very confidently signed the decision page that she had truly been born again.  Please pray for this dear family! He could go out into eternity any day and he is “spiritually lost!” Please pray that I or someone else who truly loves the Lord will be able to lead him to faith in the Lord Jesus before he dies!

Next Wednesday night, July 10, Pastor Don Bible of Bible’s Chapel Baptist Church in Midway, TN will host me as I will be giving the gospel message to their Vacation Bible School.  My Lord has provided a new way for me to share the gospel with children and young people through Pastor John Rogers. I so look forward to using this tool from the Creation Science Museum!  I have been praying for my Lord to provide a new tool for me to use and He has graciously answered His servant (Jeremiah 33:3)!  Also, Pastor Don has invited me to deliver the Sunday morning, July 14, message at the church in order to have a more effective follow-up on those who will be making decisions in Vacation Bible School.  This is an excellent word from the Lord to all of us!  Will you be praying for many children and young people to be born again and that their parents will be there with them on Sunday morning?

Churches all over the world are having their annual Vacation Bible School.  Thousands of children and young people are saved each year. It is a great tool in the hand of Almighty God! Please join me in praying that literally millions of children and young people will be gloriously saved this year (Matthew 18:1-14)!

With all of my heart, thank you for your prayers and financial support!  I am one blessed man to have you in my life and work for my Lord!

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel

Luke 15:7, 10

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