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October 27, 2018
WSFJ Monthly Newsletter
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One of my life verses is found in 1 Cor. 15:58 (KJV). “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always
abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”  On Friday morning, I
heard someone ring the doorbell at our back door.  I could tell that I did not recognize the vehicle. I was a bit leery of opening
the door as I saw an older man there whom I did not recognize. I could tell that he was very eager for me to open that door!  I
opened the door to hear him say: “Are you Jeff Harvel?”  I said: “Yes sir, I am.” He said: “Brother Jeff, I have been looking for
you.” He pulled a How To Be Born Again flyer from his shirt pocket.  It was dated back to 2005!  I shall never forget that year
for it was the year of the Jefferson County Crusade. The power of God moved on that place and the devil let me know that he
did not appreciate me!  The man said: “Can you get me 125 of these tracts, brother?”  I told him that I could get them for him
as soon as my printer got them done. He told me that he is 76 years old and that he has been “in church” all of his life! For
several years the Holy Spirit has been convicting him to be saved, and he would not respond.  On Sunday, August 5, he said
that he was holding on to the pew so strongly that his knuckles were white!  He has held many religious positions in the church
and thought that he was born again.  He could not resist the convicting power of the Holy Spirit any longer and literally ran to
the altar of his home church during the invitation and was gloriously saved!  His is a very powerful testimony for it is so very
indicative of many “professing Christians” in the American church today!  They have all the “right things” in place to “show”
that they are born again people, but inwardly they are spiritually lost!

Pastor Charles Cooper of First Baptist Church in Sylvania, Georgia hosted me this past month for a series of revival services.  
This dear servant was as prepared for me as any man that I have ever served alongside!  I had told him before I came that if
he would pray and prepare and get me in front of people that we would see the power of Almighty God move on the scene!
Pastor Charles heard from his Lord and we saw Him do what only He can do, get hold of people’s hearts! Every day he had me
in front of people in the community with the greatest Book ever written in my hand!  I shared the gospel with a ladies group, a
senior saints group, a Christian school, a nursing home, and the key business and political leaders in the community!  It was a
very powerful experience for me to be able to share the Word of the Lord with so many different people groups!  I have never
in my over 26 years in the field of evangelism spoken with so many people in one community at one time!  Yes, people were
saved!  I just do not know exactly how many, because I had so little time to speak with them during the lunch hour.  I did publicly
tell them about JESUS, His sacrificial and selfless death on the CROSS, and His resurrection from the dead!  I also told them
that if they did not personally ask Him to forgive their sins and be their Lord and Savior by faith that they would split Hell wide
open!  In one of the groups, a prominent man in the community raised his hand that he had prayed with me to be born again.

Many of the children in the Christian school raised their hand that they had been saved. On youth night, many of the young
men in attendance indicated that they had been saved after the meal.  During the public invitation during the revival service,
three of them came forward! It was a very powerful moment as you could literally feelthe convicting power of the Holy Spirit!  
Pastor Charles had them praying earnestly, incessantly, and passionately before my arrival and during the week!  Praise
God! Prayer still works (James 5:16)!

My Lord had His servant to deliver the message by Pastor David Stooksbury titled: Three Things In Hell That Should Be
Found In Every Church: Tears, Prayers, and A Concern For The Lost.  That altar was full of people praying for their lost
family members, friends, and coworkers to be saved!  After the service, a dear lady and her daughter came to me and they
were weeping over their family members who are lost!  I truly have never seen this happen in all of these years!  They were
under very “deep conviction” to begin praying for their lost family members.  I had them write their names down on paper, and
we knelt at the altar and prayed for them while using the prayer guide How To Pray for the Lost.  It was one of those very rare
scenes in the American church today that I will not soon forget! Yes, bold prayer still works when we use it (Acts 4:28-31)!

I was blessed to be able to allow Laid Back Larry, my favorite dummy, to share the gospel with the children on Children’s Night.  
Over 40 boys and girls, most of whom were very young, heard the gospel message with the colored beaded bracelets. One
day very soon, they will reach the age of accountability, and the Holy Spirit will bring to their remembrance all that Laid Back
Larry said to them about repenting of their sins and asking Jesus into their heart!

My pastor, Dr. JW Taylor, gave me the privilege to share the glorious gospel message with my home church, New Market
Baptist Church.  The Sunday morning message was on The Faith of a Child.  Before the message, a young man who has
grown up in our church gave his testimony of how he is personally leading his classmates to faith in the Lord Jesus at a secular
university! Our church saw firsthand the fruit of their labors as they have always specialized in reaching and equipping our
children and youth to live for their Lord (Proverbs 22:6)!  The Sunday night message, The Strength of Stephen, challenged
our people to stand for their Lord in the face of great opposition. Several people came forward to pray for courage that only
our Lord can give!

The television broadcasts continue to reach thousands of people each week. People stop me on the streets to tell me that
they are watching!  I am so very thankful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the gospel through the media!  Most
spiritually lost people in American culture today never go to church, so we must take the church to them (Acts 1:8)!

With all of my heart, thank you for standing with me as I do the work of the New Testament evangelist. JESUS could return any
day now, and I pray that I can be found leading people to saving faith in Him (Romans 10:13)! Please pray for our great God
to send new financial and prayer partners. He will answer when we ask (Matthew 9:37-38)!

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel
Ephesians 3:14-21