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The National Christian Foundation East Tennessee
For many years I have prayed for my Lord to lead the people into my life who can assist me in
building His everlasting kingdom. He continues to answer my prayer through special servants like

I praise my Lord for each Spirit-filled Christian who prays for us and gives financially to this work of
evangelism. People love to give to a ministry like Win Souls For Jesus Ministries, Inc. because lives
are transformed. We have reached more people for Jesus this year than at any time in our lives! We
give our Lord all the glory!

I am very excited to tell you that our Lord has opened the door for us to offer you more creative ways
to support this work of evangelism. On Thursday, Kim and I met with David Ragland. David serves
his Lord with the National Christian Foundation, one of the largest foundations in America today.
David has agreed to work with individuals who support this ministry. He can show you how to be a
wiser steward of your donations to this ministry by using asset-based giving. You can give either
cash or non-cash assets (i.e. real estate, business interests, personal property, stocks, mutual funds,
estate gifts, retirement plans, life insurance) and receive a powerful double blessing: you'll usually
receive a much greater charitable contribution by avoiding capital gains or other taxes. This also can
give a larger donation to the ministry. For more information on this type of giving, log on to You may also contact David Ragland for assistance with
this type of giving at (865) 523-5610. To make a gift to WSFJ Ministries, go to the "make a
contribution" section and follow the instructions.

Thank you for standing with me as you have through the years. I must continue to labor night and day
in the harvest fields. I need your continued steadfast support.

For Souls Forever In Heaven,

Jeffrey L. Harvel
Luke 6:38